The TDV-1 is the only usable vehicle in the game. TDV most presumably stands for 'Terrain Deformation Vehicle' 1.

List of abilitiesEdit

Power Boost: Rocket boosters attached to the back of the vehicle allow it to reach higher speeds allowing it to fly further off ramps. Auto Turret: Shoots at enemies automatically but can be overrided to be used manually (not very strategic since no allies accompany the player where the TDV-1 is available). Armor: Reduces the damage the user takes. Can be destroyed if compressed between an unstoppable force and an immovable object.

Terrain DeformationEdit

Grind: Lowers terrain underneath vehicle during use. Ramp: Fires torpedo that creates a ramp, raising terrain. Detonation is remotely controlled unless it hits something, and causes damage.

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TDV-1 evading Sherman discharging explosive sticky-bombs.