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Fracture is a game in which the player has the abillity to deform terrain, up and down.


The plot of Fracture is to capture or kill the corrupted General Nathan Sheridan and put an end to Pacifica's tyranny. The game takes place in the future where a new technology has been developed, allowing people deform terrain in ways that were thought impossible unless gruelling, strenuous and ultimately, painful manual labor was performed. The reason for this new advancement was that sea levels were rising and America needed to raise a border to keep her people safe. This caused central America to become flooded, and American's, like their country became divided people, East and West; Pacifica and the Atlantic Alliance.
Scientists in the Pacifican East were altering the biological features of human beings to improve them in ways also though impossible. The American government ruled this illegal.
General Nathan Sheridan issued an army of geneticaly altered battalions to invade the Atlantic West. Attacks were made and with the help of illegal altering of genetics another American Civil War broke out. A war fought between the technological in the East and the biologically-enhanced in the West.

The main protagonist of the game is young Jet Brody, a young Atlantic soldier who undertakes orders from his adopted father, Colonel Roy Lawrence, one of the games supporting protagonists. Mariko, a psychic woman who Brody finds in captivity later in the game also assists him in his later missions against the large Dreadnought, 'Erebus', since she was one of the scientists who helped create it.

The main antagonist of the game is the corrupted General Nathan Sheridan, who leads the Pacifican campaign.

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