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There are 14 Pacifican enemies in Fracture. Each type is attached to ONE weapon only in-game, though they are capable of using a variety of Pacifican arms.

Rank/Name Description Weapons/Equipment
Light The weakest form of infantry which is built up of volunteers. Headshots, which can be executed with either the Raptor rifle or the Scorpion sniper aren't entirely necessary although it means the difference between life and death. They are among the most common of the Pacifican military. Usually equiped with Pacifican SMG, Raptors, or Bangalores.
Medium Sheridan's army isn't completely made up of volunteers, some of them are war hardened veterans. They are more dangerous than Lights and are capable of long range fire at the Alliance. Equipped with shielding, they serve as armoured infantry. Headshots are ideal as this increases the damage dealt to them. Mediums are able to use Pacifican SMGs, Raptors, and Subsonic/Tectonic Grenades.
Sherman A large extremely dangerous soldier that has a fail-safe device that activates when it dies. it has a large grenade launcher that shoots out 6 extremely dangerous sticky grenades at a time that explode in an array of neon green light. Its name pays homage to a 20th century tank of the same name. Their thick armour can be exploited and the head becomes their major flaw. A large, remote detonating, grenade launcher attached to his arm.
Hydra Agile, just barely human and are surrounded by a red aura. extremely difficult to kill. it seems as if the bangalore is attached to its arm, or simply if their muscular density is high. They have an extremely high jump capability and are agile, but have a slight delay before jumping again. Like most Pacificans they take more damage to the head, however they are about twice as strong as a Medium in terms of health. Bangalores
Spike Hydra (Variant) This variant deploys modified spike grenades that generate power to the top of the spike upon landing on top of the spike, creating a shield. This means while the Hydra in question is on top of the spike, it cannot be killed. This makes them much more dangerous to engage to compensate for the lack of teamwork from other Pacifican units. Unconventional means such as the Lodestone rifle will help to draw them from the spike. Less effective methods include destroying the spike the Hydra is on, as well as sticking Black Widow grenades to it, then as soon as it leaves its spike, detonate. Bangalores
Invader An Invader is only vulnerable in the head, explosions, or to melee attacks. They are deadly at close range especially at higher difficulties. Their weakness is range, and in that area are much easier to deal with than most other enemies.  Invaders Shotguns
Cheetah An almost look-alike of a light with glowing green and black arms. Augmented for greater speed and agility, their speed seeming almost like teleporting from place to place. They give the illusion that their health resets upon moving. Pacifican SMG
Bolla A large, muscular, quadrupedal horned beast. Its supreme strength is bolstered by a bioform generator similar to that of a Rhino, which splatters opponents to death. Weak spots include its spinal ridge, belly and face, but don't get too attached to close quarters fighting, because it is superior in that aspect to their adversaries as well. To defeat a Bolla is to destroy all three weak points. Rhino Gun
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